The applications of self drilling rock bolt in the highway construction

25 mei 2018

    According to the national transportation work conference, in 2018, China will increase the mileage of expressways by 5000 kilometers, and the new rebuilding of the provincial highway will be 16,000 kilometers, and the new reconstruction of rural roads will be 200,000 kilometers. With the rapid development of highway construction in China, the side slope protection system constantly bring the highway department’s attention.

    The self drilling rock bolt is a hollow rock bolt, the rock bolt is threaded, and the connecting sleeve is used to connect the coupling, and the front end is installed with a one-time nut. As a relatively new construction technology, self drilling rock bolt system has been widely used in retaining wall protection. Due to some complex geological condition, slope protection work of ordinary rock bolt support means into the hole is difficult, the application of self drilling rock bolt effectively solved the difficult problems of loose rock mass anchoring into the hole. At the same time, it has the advantages of high construction efficiency, strong adaptability, and good anchoring effect .

The supporting construction process of self-drilling bolt is:

Borehole location—>Drill hole—>Check the deep of the hole—>Install the rock bolt—>Grout—>Hang steel mesh—>Concrete jet grouting—>Anchor pier casting—>Construction of drain hole

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