The self-drilling anchor bolts is closely related to our life

12 mei 2018 - Luoyang, China

Self-drilling anchor bolts are used as anchoring support tools in all kinds of engineering construction. The closest to our life is the construction of underground roads. In recent years, the emergence of subways and tunnels has brought us great convenience, shortened our journey, and reduced the congestion of roads on the ground. How is a large project like the subway constructed underground?

In the construction of underground roads such as subways and tunnels, the anchorage support of rock walls above and around the road is particularly important. Once a collapse occurs, it will cause great inconvenience to us and even endanger the lives of passers-by. The self-drilling anchor bolts integrates drilling, grouting, and anchoring, the construction is convenient and rapid, and the anchorage effect is good, providing strong support for the project. And it has a small construction area, low noise, weak influence on the surrounding environment and residents, and is suitable for urban construction.

In addition to the construction of underground roads, underground shopping malls, and parking lots, self-drilling bolts are also indispensable. It is closely related to our lives.

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