A simple but effective anchoring tool-self drilling rock anchor

2 juli 2018

The self drilling rock anchor is a bolt with whole body thread and hollow body inside. Self drilling rock anchor and drill bits, couple, nuts, centralizer, and plates together form a self-drilling anchor system and are used in many types of projects such as tunnel support, slope protection, and foundation pit construction.

The self drilling anchor bar achieves the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring together, and solves the shortcomings of the traditional anchoring method, such as easy collapse after drilling and occupying the internal space of the roadway. Because of its simple construction, small work area and low noise, simultaneous operation and easy construction, it is also commonly used in urban construction and has little impact on residents.

Self drilling anchor systems are widely used in complex geological conditions such as soft rock, hard rock, crushing rock and backfill soil. Sinorock® is a reliable manufacturer of self-drilling hollow bolts and it provides systematic solutions for many geotechnical anchorage projects. Product quality has been verified by engineering and customers, and it can quickly and effectively provide anchorage support for the project.

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